Pix Editors - A Photo/Image Editing Company

All around us we see images or pix. From websites to the print media and from family albums at home to professional portfolios, images are an important part of everything around us. We practically live in a world full of images. All of us have some memories attached to photographs and photographs are what attract us to a particular product, person, company or a website. Images play an important role in the purchases we make specially speaking of making a purchase online. Businesses like Real estate and eCommerce strongly rely on images. Clear, attractive and flawless images speak more than words and also help the sellers and businesses get better listings and best prices for their products and services. Thus, without a speck of doubt we can say that images rule our world.

Welcome to PixEditors

We help enhance your images to make them look full of life and perfect. From removing the background to changing the background of your images, we have done it all. We have helped several online store owners with our bespoke services. Our specialized ghost / mannequin photo editing services are always in demand by the fashion and apparel designers as well as photographers. We have enhanced and edited images and have brought back old and damaged images back to life. Be it, photo editing for magazines or image restoration, our photo editing experts have the experience and the skills to handle it all. We can merge two or more images to well you get the perfect shot that you sought. We not only have the experience, latest software and tools, but what makes us stand apart from the rest is our passion.

Services we offer

  • Photo Editing Services
  • Ghost/Mannequin Photo Editing Services
  • Image Casting Services
  • Image Enhancement Services
  • Photo Restoration Services
  • Photo Background Removal Services
  • Real Estate Photo Editing Services
  • Magazine Photo Editing Services
  • Product Image Cutout Services
  • Jewelry Photo Editing Services
  • Image Clipping Path Services
  • HDR Image Blending Services

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